Course Category: Software Testing
Course Duration: 3 Days
Hours: 21 Contact Hours

Course Objectives

SoapUI is a free and open source cross-platform Functional Testing solution. With an easy-to-use  graphical  interface,  and  enterprise-class  features,  SoapUI allows  to  easily  and  rapidly  create  and  execute  automated  functional, regression, compliance, and load tests.

This three day workshop coaches attendees to use SoapUI to test on static and dynamic web resources. Participants learn how to use SoapUI to test SOA, Web, and REST/SOAP.

The program is a hands-on workshop and includes demonstrations.

Laptop Requirement

The course participants are expected to bring to the class laptop loaded with SoapUI .


Participants are required to have applied knowledge of Software Testing.

Training Content

Content is appropriate for intermediate level participants.

Course Topic

  • Service Testing Basics
  • SoapUI Capabilities
  • Rest, SOAP, HTTP, WSDL
  • SoapUI Vs SoapUI Pro
  • Structure and terminology
  • Suite, Case, Step, Assertion
  • Settings and User interface
  • Workflow
  • Project and Properties
  • Security tests
  • Events
  • Interface-level properties
  • Artifacts
  • WSDL
  • Request and Response
  • Properties
  • Validating
  • Multiple requests
  • Response structure
  • Endpoints
  • Protocol-oriented TestSteps
  • Test Request
  • Mock Response

Pre-requisites for Course & Certification

  • REST/HTTP Test Request
  • Flow control TestSteps
  • Property transfer
  • Delay
  • Data-oriented TestSteps
  • SOAP/non-SOAP
  • XPath/XQuery match
  • Scripting
  • Requirements and Functional tests
  • Unit vs. functional tests
  • Common TestSteps
  • Mock services
  • Generating mock services
  • Configuring properties and scripts
  • Setting mock responses
  • Invoking mock services
  • Load testing
  • Refactoring
  • Test coverage
  • Monitoring traffic
  • Reporting

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Course Category: Software Testing
Course Duration: 3 Days
Hours: 21 Contact Hours