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Enterprise Architect is a flexible, complete and powerful UML 2.0 modeling tool delivering a competitive edge for system development, project management and business analysis.

EA represents true “team” development that will offer UML integration within the Visual Studio 2005 product range. EA is a comprehensive, full lifecycle, UML analysis and design tool, covering software development from requirements gathering, through the analysis stages, design models, testing and finally maintenance and re-use.

Product Features at a glance

  • UML 2.0 Support with all 13 UML 2 diagrams supported
  • Forward and Reverse Engineer Source Code and Databases
  • Conduct MDA (Model Driven Architecture) Style Transforms
  • Code Engineer in C++, Java, VB.NET, C#, PHP, Delphi and Visual Basic
  • Database Model in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL and more
  • Streamline Projects with Versioning, Security and Baselining
  • Easy to use, explorer like interface
  • Very low cost of ownership

Enterprise Architect remains as the flagship product with several add-in products for integration with other development products such as the Visual Studio.NET suite. The Sparx Systems website serves as a resource for our range of products as well as access to quality and timely information regarding UML, training, consultancy and UML related development technologies.

For more information, or to download our 30 day trial of EA,
please visit: www.sparxsystems.com

Sparx Systems: Company and Product Description

Sparx Systems is a software development company specializing in world class UML modeling tools.

Sparx Systems aims to satisfy the growing needs of the software and business development industry by providing immediate delivery and ongoing support of affordable, productive and user-friendly business/system design software.

Processworks is pleased to be a reseller for the Sparx Systems product suite including the popular Enterprise Architect Product.