Course Category: Agile Methods
Course Duration: 5 Days
Hours: 35 Contact Hours

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Duration: 5 Day
Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM Malaysia Time


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Duration: 5 Day
Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM Philippine Time


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Duration: 5 Day
Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM Singapore Time

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Duration: 5 Day
Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM Philippines/Singapore/Hong Kong Time

Course Description

Strengthen your technical skills in Agile software development. Certified Scrum Developers (CSD®) have demonstrated – through a combination of formal training and a technical skills assessment – that they have a working understanding of Scrum and Agile principles, and have learned specialized Agile engineering skills. The Certified Scrum Developer course is designed for software developers (programmers) who are building software in a Scrum environment. The goal is to expose students to the most important tools and techniques needed to build good software in the iterative and incremental fashion that Scrum requires. These ideas are central to the entire field of Agile software development.

What are the benefits of a Certified Scrum Developer® certification?

In today’s competitive job market, the Certified Scrum Developer training can set you apart from the pack. A successful Certified Scrum Developer is committed to continuous improvement. The coursework and dedication needed to achieve a CSD sharpens your skills to help you become a better practitioner of Scrum and Agile development. By earning a Certified Scrum Developer certification, you:

  • Learn the foundations of Scrum and the scope of the Certified Scrum Developer’s role from the best minds in development agility
  • Demonstrate to employers and peers your understanding of core Scrum knowledge
  • Expand your career opportunities by staying relevant and marketable across all industry sectors adopting Agile practices

Engage with a community of recognized Scrum experts who are committed to continuous improvement


Attendees should be well versed in Java / Ruby / Python / JavaScript / C#

CSD Certification

There are currently two tracks to achieve CSD certification (detailed below). The courses for both tracks can be taken in any order. Once you complete a track, you will receive notification to accept your CSD license, and the CSD certification will be added to your profile. Your certification is valid for two years.

Track 1

  • CSM®course (2 days)
  • CSD technical course, including coding (3 days)


Track 2

  •  Intro to Scrum CSD course (1 day)
  • CSD technical course, including coding (3 days)
  • CSD technical elective course (1 day)

During your CSD courses, you must demonstrate an understanding of Scrum and Agile engineering practices by passing a CSD assessment provided by the REP instructor. The assessment may be an exam administered by the instructor to test your knowledge, or it may be an active, classroom-based assessment. When a REP instructor uploads a student’s information into our system, they are recommending the student for certification.

Course Outline

Day 1: Intro to Scrum CSD course (Intro to Agile & Scrum)

Training Objective

  • Understanding Agile, myths & principles at depth
  • Initiate, plan and lead a Scrum project
  • Purpose of each activity in scrum & how does it connect to software development
  • Establish planning with Agile user stories and story point estimations


  • Introduction to Agile & Scrum
  • Waterfall vs Agile
  • Agile Manifesto, Principles & Flavours
  • Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Ceremonies & Artefacts
      • Sprint Planning, Retrospective, Stand-ups, Sprint Review
      • Sprint Backlog, Task Board, Product Increments
  • Scrum Roles & Responsibilities – Product Owner, Scrum Master, Scrum Team
  • Planning & estimation
      • Managing Product Backlog
      • Effective INVEST User-Story writing & break-down
      • User Story Estimation
      • Release Burn-up & Sprint Burn-down
  • Busting Agile & Scrum Myths

Day 2,3 & 4: CSD technical course, including coding (Track: Essential Practices for Continuous Delivery )

Training Objective

  • Learn to deliver stories in an eXtreme Programming (XP) way
  • Explore Object Oriented & Functional Programming Principles and Patterns
  • Learn to work effectively with Legacy codebases
  • Write Clean-Code and Conduct Refactoring
  • Appreciate & practice Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Deep dive into Evolutionary architecture and Design
  • Align with Business goals through Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)


  • Deep dive into SOLID, YAGNI, KISS and DRY principles
    • Open Closed Principle (OCP)
    • Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)
    • Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)
    • Dependency Inversion Principle (DIP)
    • Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP)
    • Interface Segregation Principle (ISP)
    • Law of Demeter
  • Understand Functional Programming Principles
    • Immutability & Disciplined state
    • Pure functions
    • First class functions and High order functions
    • Type systems
    • Referential transparency
  • Learn “Code Smells” elimination through opportunistic refactoring
    • Understanding & Recognising code-smells
    • Code clean-up & Refactoring
    • Refactoring to Patterns
    • Using Functional constructs to Refactor
  • Appreciate and learn effective unit-testing
    • Anatomy of Unit Testing Framework
    • Automated Tests
    • Overview of XUnit / JUnit
    • Test Doubles – Stubs, Mocks, Spy, Fakes
    • Testing Pyramid
  • Experience & follow programming in pairs
  • Hands-on Why, How and What of “Continuous Integration”
    • Setup & Configure CI server (Jenkins / GoCD / Azure Pipeline)
    • Execute and Write Pipeline build and deployment scripts
    • Learn CI Best Practices
    • Trunk Based Development as the Branching Strategy
  • Explore TDD and experience the key motivators
    • Introduction to TDD
    • Test First Vs Test Last
    • TDD Rhythm: Red, Green, Refactor
  • Writing Business Scenarios using Gherkins
    • Collaboration techniques for effective Scenario writing
    • Documenting Scenarios with Gherkin
    • Behaviour Scenario Patterns
  • Implementing Behaviour-Driven Development
    • Driving Implementation and Design from Scenarios
    • Creating an Application from Scratch using BDD (Cucumber / Spec Flow / Jasmine)
  • Analyse & practice Agile evolutionary architecture & design
  • Carving Designs through BDD & TDD
  • Emergent Architecture with BDD & TDD
  • Experience in depth at the way Agile teams work together

Course Outline

Day 5: CSD technical elective course [Behavior Driven Development (BDD)]

Training Objective

  • Drive Behaviour-first approach for user-story implementation.
  • Learn to improve team collaboration and define user-stories with greater clarity.
  • Explore 3 Amigos strategy to express meaningful scenarios.
  • Convert business scenarios into automated acceptance tests.


  • Effective user-story writing
      • Following the INVEST principle to create DEEP backlog
      • Defining SMART Acceptance Criteria by engaging business people
  • Expressing Scenarios
      • Using Examples to express Scenarios
      • Collaboration techniques for effective Scenario writing
      • Documenting Scenarios with Gherkin
      • Behaviour Scenario Patterns
      • Producing Living Documentation of the application system
  • Implementing Behaviour-Driven Development
      • Creating an Application from Scratch using Behaviour-first approach
      • Driving Solution Implementation and Design from Scenarios
      • Emergent Architecture with BDD & TDD
      • Deducing Functional Coverage of the features

Course Category: Agile Methods
Course Duration: 5 Days
Hours: 35 Contact Hours