Course Category: Business Analysis
Course Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 14 Contact Hours

Workshop Objectives

This two day workshop coaches participants to write clear requirements at editorial and at content level. This course commences with defining requirements and its structure and then progresses to explain what constitutes a complete and unambiguous requirements.

The concepts can be applied to any way to write requirements-SRS, Use Cases or User Stories etc.

The course includes extensive hands-on and examples.

Laptop Requirement

The participants are expected to bring their laptop for hands-on exercises.

Who Should Attend

Requirements Analyst, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Product Managers, Product Owners, Test Manager etc.

Workshop Content

  • Define system
  • Define requirements
  • Organization in context
  • Terminology
  • Analysis Vs Design
  • Requirement Areas
    • Functional
    • Supplementary
  • Problems and opportunities
  • Role of Language
  • Structured Language
  • Guidelines on using English
  • Complexity Management
    • What Vs How
    • Modularity in requirements
    • One doc Vs Man docs
    • Simplicity
    • One at a time
    • DRY
    • Hierarchy
    • Abstraction
    • Version Control
  • Activity Map
  • Information Analysis
  • Data Dictionary
  • Modelling And Visualization
    • Flow charting
    • Activity Diagram
    • Block Diagram
    • Class Diagram
    • Sequence Diagram
    • User Scenarios
    • User Interface
    • Decisions and related diagrams

Course Outline

  • Text Vs Model
  • Reification
  • Business Archetype
  • Quality Aspects of requirements
    • Correct, Complete, Verifiable
    • Unambiguous, Executable
    • Traceable, Feasibility
  • Steps
    • Strategy
    • Business
    • Find Problem
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Stakeholders
    • Solution Validation
    • Vision
    • Glossary
    • Document and Visualize
  • Requirement Attributes
    • Priority, Naming, Numbering, …
  • Reviews & checklist with guidelines

Course Category: Business Analysis
Course Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 14 Contact Hours

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