Course Category: Six Sigma
Course Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 14 Contact Hours

Training Overview

Champions are the key in success in every Six Sigma deployment. For small and large companies alike, the ability to identify the right projects, select and mentor the right people and drive the entire Six Sigma initiative to produce breakthrough results is the responsibility of the Champion.

Six Sigma Champions are typically executives and managers with a significant overall business responsibility. The proper selection of individuals with ultimate accountability for the business ensures Black Belts will have the support they need to succeed.

Champion Training

Champions receive extensive training on the fundamental concepts of Six Sigma including: the basic tools and methods used with Six Sigma, project selection techniques, change management tools, and how to manage Six Sigma Black Belts within an organization.

Champion Training Program consists of a highly interactive two-day session that includes a full day of hands-on-project selection training conducted in workshop and breakout formats.

Champion Training is a core element of any six sigma deployment process and is highly recommended before Black Belt training begins. It is also an excellent refresher course for anyone that is looking to improve their perspective and learn about the latest Six Sigma developments.

Champion Training

Some of the most critical and challenging responsibilities of the Champion include:

  • Selecting and mentoring Black Belts
  • Selecting and properly scoping the right Six Sigma projects
  • Removing barriers to ensure Black Belts receive the necessary support to succeed
  • Ensuring Black Belts are 100% dedicated to their Six Sigma training and Six Sigma projects
  • Driving cultural change through the Six Sigma methodology
  • Sharing best practices

Training Agenda

Day 1

  • An Overview of Six Sigma
  • Fundamental Six Sigma Concepts
  • The Impact of Six Sigma
  • Basic Six Sigma Tools
  • Basic Statistics
  • Measurement Systems
  • Capability Analysis
  •  Introduction to Minilab
  • Introduction to Six Sigma Projects
  • Tools for Project Selection
  • Cause  and Effects Analysis
  •  Pareto Charts

Training Agenda

Day 2

  • Six Sigma Project Recognition
  • Six Sigma Project Definition
  • Managing the Scope of Six Sigma Projects
  • Six Sigma Project Management
  • The Importance of a Supporting Infrastructure
  • Managing Change in a Six Sigma Company
  • Selecting and Managing Black Belts
  • Financial Guidelines for Six Sigma
  • Deploying Green Belts
  • Designing for Six Sigma
  • Periodic Revitalization of Six Sigma