Course Category: Soft Skills
Course Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 14 Contact Hours

Workshop Overview

Making formal presentations is a daunting task for most. Some studies have shown that for many, the fear of making a presentation is almost equal to that of dying. However, ability to present effectively and with confidence is a significant skill and may lead to excellent opportunities. Many jobs and functions leave us with little choice but to make presentations. What perhaps is less known is that ability to present effectively can be learnt and improved through practice (similar to learning a new skill or a new sport).

The two day workshop shall coach participants the various methods and techniques to prepare and deliver a successful presentation. The attendees will receive tips on how to manage the audience and will learn to manage their own nervousness. The workshop shall include participants making presentations that are recorded for review and analysis. The program shall also include role playing sessions.

The workshop covers four main areas: Body Language, Use of Voice and Modulation, Content Development and Handling Audience including Group Dynamics.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior and middle level executives
  • Account managers
  • Project managers
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Engineers
  • Business development professionals
  • Consultants and Trainers
  • Anyone who is required to make presentations

Workshop Requirements

The participants are requested to prepare and bring a 3 to 5 minutes presentation using MS PowerPoint slides to the workshop.


There are no prerequisites to the workshop participation.

Course Content

Day 1

  • Program introduction & context building
  • Objective & program agenda
  • Ice breaker
  • Presentation # 1 (videographed)
  • The three Vs of Communication (Verbal, Vocal and Visual)
  • Body Language
  • Replays with individual feedback
  • Film: Body Talk
  • Effective Delivery
  • Clip from film: Independence Day
  • Matter & Structure
  • Presentation # 2 – Extempore with question & answer session (Not recorded) with feedback
  • Summary & Home work

Program Outline & Topics

Day 2

  • Review of Day 1 and Q & A
  • Audience Profiling
  • Exercise: Train the thoughts
  • Clip from film: Gandhi
  • Role Play
  • Handling Hostile Audience
  • Audio visual aids
  • Film: Be prepared to speak
  • Final Presentation # 3 (video graphed)
  • Replay and individual feedback
  • Closure and action plank

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Course Category: Soft Skills
Course Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 14 Contact Hours