Course Category: Soft Skills
Course Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 14 Contact Hours

Workshop Objectives

Negotiations are a delicate task of balancing results and relationships. Successful and a win-win negotiations leads to a sense of success and gains for all parties. Many successful agreements or understandings survive years or even decades. Similarly, lopsided or poorly negotiated outcomes invariably lead to a sense of negativity and mostly, a failed effort.

This course offers a step by step process from planning a negotiation to executing one. The workshop would also cover the various negotiation styles and the accompanying behavioural models.

This course is applicable and useful for anyone who aspires to improve his or her negotiating skills.

Workshop Contents

  • Introduction to the program & context building
  • Objective & agenda of the program
  • Ice breaker & expectation gathering
  • Getting started
    • What is negotiation?
    • Mind set required for negotiations
    • Skills v/s attitude
  • Planning a negotiation
    • Identifying needs and wants
    • Developing negotiating objectives
    • Establishing an opening position and settlement range
    • Develop Options
    • Planning concessions
  • Use of different powers of in negotiation
  • Execution of negotiation
    • Opening a negotiation
    • Exploring a negotiation
    • Closing a negotiaion
  • The Fischer Model of Negotiation
  • The ‘Courage-Consideration Paradigm’ of Steven Covey
  • Approaches to negotiation
  • Negotiation styles
    • Aggressive and Confronting
    • Assertive and Persuasive
    • Open and responsive
    • Avoiding and withdrawing
  • Negotiation Style Model
    • The Fight – Flight Psyche
    • Push and Pull Behaviors
  • Skills of a negotiator
    • Need of flex your style
    • How to adapt your style
  • Closure


Exercises, Role-plays, discussions, case studies etc.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior and Middle Managers who manage teams, vendors and customers.
  • Professionals in Change Management role such as Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches and Consultants, Department Managers, Quality Managers etc.
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Professional Recruiters
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals.
  • Service level staff
  • Corporate Executives on a growth path.

Course Category: Soft Skills
Course Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 14 Contact Hours

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