Course Category: Agile Methods
Course Duration: 3 Days
Hours: 21 Contact Hours

Course Introduction

Microservices is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of independent services. Each of these services can be managed, modified, updated, reused, altered, tested, maintained individually without effecting the rest of the application. These services are usually organized around business capabilities and are owned by small teams.

The Docker is the leading Containerization engine that packages software and applications into standardized units for development, shipment and deployment

Training Objective

  • Continuous Delivery Principles
  • DevOps Philosophy & Techniques
  • Microservices vs Monolithic
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Docker Container Platform
  • Container Management, Networking & Security
  • Container Deployment on Cloud (AWS / Azure / Digital Ocean)
  • Docker Reference Architectures & Best Practices
  • Cloud Cluster Management


All Participants are expected to:

  • Have knowledge of Java and GIT.
  • Have knowledge of Agile Fundamentals.
  • Be acquainted with basic Unix commands and functionality.
  • Carry a development laptop with at least 8GB RAM (16 GB or more preferred)

Course Outline

  • Monolithic vs Microservices
  • Microservices Architecture & Concepts (Extensive Hands-on)
    • Service Discovery (Eureka)
    • Config Service (Zookeeper)
    • Event Sourcing & CQRS (Kafka / RabbitMQ)
    • Distributed Logging (ELK)
    • Message Broker
    • API Documentation (Swagger)
  • Containerisation with Docker (Extensive Hands-on)
    • Containers vs Virtual Machines
    • Container Build Directives
      • Dockerize or create images using Dockerfile
      • Stack-based compose files via docker-compose & Docker stack
    • Docker Architecture & Workflow
      • Managing images with Docker Trusted Repository (DTR)
      • Understand the usage of volumes
      • Setting up a private Docker Trusted Repository (DTR)

Course Outline

  • Container Security, Deployment & Networking (Extensive Hands-on)
    • Container Management
    • Container Network Setup
    • Docker security and secrets management
    • Managing & Visualizing Cluster using Universal Control Plane (UCP)
  • Docker Reference Architectures & Best Practices
  • Advanced Docker Networking
  • Build a Web Farm of Microservices & Docker Containers on Cloud (Extensive Hands-on)
  • Cloud Cluster Management
    • Swarm / Docker EE Cluster setup on cloud
    • Cluster Service Discovery & Load Balancing

Course Category: Agile Methods
Course Duration: 3 Days
Hours: 21 Contact Hours

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