Course Category: Agile Methods
Course Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 16 Contact Hours

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Duration: 2 Day
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Course Description

The A4Q Design Thinking Foundation certification attests to an individual’s knowledge and understanding of this collaborative, innovation-seeking approach to problem solving and solutions development.

Holders of the certificate can apply the core principles of design thinking and use design thinking approaches to identify, and evaluate, creative and practical outcomes to real-life problems and business challenges.

The course is heavily focussed on developing the design thinking mindset and expertise in the use of design thinking methods so that participants will be ready to effectively apply learning back in the workplace.

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About Alliance for Qualification (A4Q)

The Alliance 4 Qualification has the mission to create globally leading content and certification schemes in an independent environment.   It was founded by different organizations with the aim to work independent from a specific exam provider or a specific training provider with a long term focus on lifelong learning.  A4Q is a new independent place to strengthen quality in the field of training and certification.

Course Benefits

  • To be able to explain the design thinking approach to solving problems
  • To be able to apply design thinking approaches and tools to a variety of challenges and problems.
  • To be able to participate positively in collaborative ideation and evaluation.


There are no specific entry requirements to be eligible for this certification or to attend an A4Q accredited design thinking course.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to understand the theory of Design Thinking and how to apply this human-centred approach to achieve real business value. This includes:

  • Product Owners
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Managers
  • Software Engineers
  • UX Designers
  • Designers
  • Anyone involved in coaching or training teams seeking to implement design thinking
  • Managers seeking to understand how design thinking can add value in their organisation
  • Business Analysts working with design thinking teams

Course Outline

Design Thinking Background

    • Definition of Design Thinking
    • Business uses of Design Thinking
    • Variety within the Design Thinking Discipline
    • Design Thinking Mindset

Design Thinking Approach

  • Fundamental Concepts
    • Empathy
    • Ethnography
    • Divergent Thinking
    • Convergent Thinking
    • Visual Thinking
    • Assumption Testing
    • Prototyping
    • Time for Learning and Validation
  • Design Thinking Resources
    • People
    • Place
    • Materials
    • Organizational Fit
  • Design Thinking Processes
    • Numerous Approaches
    • Double Diamond Process
    • 5-Stage d.School Process
    • Designing for Growth Process
    • Role of Project Management

Design Thinking in Practice

  • Process Stages of Designing for Growth
    • What Is
    • What If
    • What Wows
    • What Works
  • Design Thinking Tools and Methods
    • Purposeful Use of Tools and Alignment with Process
    • What Is: Visualization
    • What Is: Journey Mapping
    • What Is: Value Chain Analysis
    • What Is: Mind Mapping
    • What If: Brainstorming
    • What If: Concept Development
    • What Wows: Assumption Testing
    • What Wows: Rapid Prototyping
    • What Works: Customer Co-Creation
    • What Works: Learning Launch
  • Design Thinking Application
    • Design Thinking Applied to Product Development

Training and Exam Duration

Training: 2 days.

The course material shall be issued on the first day of the course during registration.

Exam: 60 minutes duration

Exam Pattern

The A4Q Design Thinking Foundation exam consists of 40 questions. The candidate must achieve at least 65% of the total score possible.

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Course Category: Agile Methods
Course Duration: 2 Days
Hours: 16 Contact Hours