Interpreting High Maturity Practices (Building High Maturity Organizations through Level 4 & 5)

Presented by Hitesh Sanghavi, Managing Director, Cunix Infotech Pvt. Ltd., India
One day Tutorial on August 13th, 2008
Tutorial Code: 201F


This tutorial shall help the participants to understand, conceptualize, design and implement High Maturity practices. The instructor shall share concepts and strategies for designing Process Performance Model (PPM), OID (Organization Innovation and Deployment) and CAR (Causal Analysis and Resolution) using effective statistical methods.


Presentation, Discussions, Q & A & Examples.

Who should attend?
  • Quality and SEPG Heads/Managers, Appraisal team members
  • Consultants, Auditors, Trainers, Practitioners
  • Project Managers, Team Leaders etc.
Key Takeaways

This tutorial shall teach how to develop, use or evaluate the following.

  • OPP: Organization Process Performance 
  • QPM: Quantitative Project Management
  • PPB: Process Performance Baseline
  • QPPO: Quality and Process Performance Objective
  • OID: Organization Innovation and Deployment
  • CAR: Causal Analysis and Resolution
  • PPM: Process Performance Model                 
Tutorial Agenda
  • Introduction to High Maturity concepts and Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools.
  • Statistics for Quantitative Management.
  • Organization Process Performance (OPP): Setting Quality and Process Performance Objective (QPPO) for the organization and for the projects
  • Metrics framework for OPP
  • Process Performance Baseline (Concepts, Construction and Types)
  • Sub-Process (concept, selection criterion and statistical management)
  • Process Composition (concept, criterion and performance management)
  • Process Performance Models  (Concepts, Construction and Types)
  • Correlation principles, examples
  • What-If analysis, Hypothesis testing, DOE, ANOVA
  • QPM Strategy to accomplishing objectives
  • Use of PPB, PPM and SPC in Maturity Level 4 & 5
  • Confidence, Tolerance and Prediction Interval
  • Use of PPB, PPM and SPC in CAR Process Area
  • Quantitatively managing Organization Innovation and Deployment (OID)
  • Accountability in Management of High Maturity organizations
  • Distinguishing High maturity Characteristics
  • Summary and Close
Presenter’s Profile

Hitesh Sanghavi, Managing Director, Cunix Infotech Pvt. Ltd., India

Hitesh Sanghavi is a SEI certified SCAMPI High Maturity Lead appraiser and SEI authorized Lead Instructor. He brings with him more than 20 years and 3800 man days experience in Software Process Improvement Consulting, Software measurements, High maturity practices using the CMM, CMMI and Competency models.

He has successfully helped many organizations to achieve the Software CMM, CMMI ratings and the ISO9000 Certifications through consulting, training and appraisals.

He has performed appraisals for AG Technologies, Altec (Chile and Mexico), Bancomer (Mexico) and Caterpillar Logistics (India), Tata Power, Bristlecone, Netlinksoft, Prescient Infotech, Seal Infotech, Infospectrum, ESSPL, CNSI. 

Hitesh was instrumental in facilitating the successful CMM implementations at Bluestar (Software CMM Level 5 and CMMI Level 5), Orient (ISO and CMM 4), Infrasoft (CMM 5), Lionbridge (ISO and CMM 5), Philips semiconductor and many more organizations.

Hitesh is an MBA, Lead Auditor - ISO, Six Sigma Candidate Black Belt, Certified Software Quality Analyst, PMP, NLP, CPCD (Certified Performance and Competency Developer), Certified Balance Scorecard Professional (CBSP), and Certified ISMS professional.

He teaches the SEI course – “Understanding High maturity Practice” .