Difficult to get information from your Process Asset Library ?


A poorly organised Process Asset Library (PAL) is a nightmare for users, and even the best PALs pose a big challenge for the Quality Departments that have to maintain it. This is due to the complex nature of Process Assets, their categorization and interdependencies.


A Process Asset has no value if it is not easily accessible by the user in need. Every matured organization implements a PAL but, it is generally one of the least thought through item in whole quality scheme of things.


EZyLib gives you flexibility to structure the assets in a way that best suits your organization. You can choose to organize your assets hierarchically by process areas, functional domains, etc. in order to derive maximum benefit and relevance for the information organized.


You can map assets to multiple hierarchical views, map them to various process model elements such as “specific practices” in CMMI or ISO 9000 Clauses, assign them to various roles and even cross-reference assets and training material. It also provides a collaboration tool for users to contribute and share their experiences.



Browse provides a user-friendly view of the PAL structure at a glance. It provides user with multiple views of information based on the different criteria, like roles etc. It is an effective orientation tool for new employees to get familiar with the organization assets.



View Asset provides information about the asset. For instance, roles it is applicable to, related assets, reference and training material, samples such as filled templates, tailored version, best practices, etc. Quick links are available for users to view the model mapping, revision history, contribute a sample, share their experiences and provide feedback for process improvement.



QuikGet Search provides an extremely fast and efficient method to find and download the ‘assets’ that you need. It will retrieve and display top matching assets, based on document title and summary, while you key in your search keywords. Viewing or downloading your asset is just a click away. The goal of QuikGet Search is to allow access to an asset within 10 seconds*.


EZyLib also provides advanced search where assets are searched and ranked based on keyword context, relevance, popularity. It also displays relevant roles and keywords for you to quickly navigate to the asset you need.



Personalisation allows users to add their favourite parts of the PAL for easy future reference. EZyLib keeps track of recent and frequently used assets and display it on a personalized page along with history of searches performed. It also lists most useful assets based on the users’ role in the organization.



Managing your PAL using EZyLib, in spite of all the advanced features and the powerful hierarchies, has never been easier. With EZyLib’s powerful and intuitive administration system, you will spend less effort maintaining the PAL and more time in process improvement. You can also do version control, maintain revision histories and automatically communicate the changes to everyone concerned via email or instantly on the ‘What’s New Page’



Measuring the performance of the PAL is finally possible. EZyLib provides various metrics such as mean time required to find an asset, search success/failure ratios, asset popularity and unused assets. This data can be used to take corrective actions and continually improve the PAL for the best user experience.


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Turmoil hits Dez Bryant’s inner circle

Dez Bryant has remained quiet most of this offseason, but he’s been busy. The Pro Bowl receiver began severing business ties with some longtime associates a few weeks after the Cowboys wholesale nhl jerseys were eliminated from the playoffs in January.

The process hasn’t played out face to face but rather through a trail of documents. Termination and cease and desist letters were delivered to multiple parties, and at least one lawsuit has already been filed.

Bryant started taking more control of his career path in late October by firing agent Eugene Parker and retaining the management services of Roc Nation Sports.

After extensive interviews with many close to Bryant, a difference of opinion remains as to why the receiver is making the changes. Some say Bryant made the shift midway through last season as part of a growing maturity that should warrant more freedom. Others say it is driven by Roc Nation and falls in line with any professional athlete changing representatives.

“I’m the one making the decisions on who to trust and who to be surrounded by,” Bryant said Friday morning. “I’ve surrounded myself with wholesale jerseys people who I think deserve to be trusted.”

Bryant, 26, began breaking business ties with some of his longtime associates a few weeks after The News reported in late December that three Cowboys employees had expressed concern over the amount of people living at or dropping by Bryant’s DeSoto home.

The behind the scenes action was unfolding while Bryant and the Cowboys made little progress on long term contract negotiations that ultimately led to the club using its franchise tag in early March to retain the receiver for one more year with a guaranteed 2015 salary of $12.8 million.

Though Cowboys officials expect Bryant to take part in the team’s offseason program, the receiver isn’t expected to be at Valley Ranch on Monday for the first official voluntary workout where activities are limited to strength and conditioning because he has yet to sign his one year tender. The Cowboys have until July 15 to work out a long term deal.

At the top of Bryant’s separation list this offseason is David Wells, the man who took Bryant under his wing even before the Cowboys drafted him 24th overall in 2010. Bryant moved into Wells’ home in DeSoto in 2009 and was there the night the Cowboys drafted him out of Oklahoma State.

Wells has served many roles for Bryant over the last six years, from mentor and adviser to consultant and head of his security team. The relationship between Wells and Bryant is one the Cowboys have encouraged. Wells, a former bail bondsman who now serves as a private investigator, has been a constant figure around Bryant, even on Cowboys road wholesale nhl jerseys trips.

Wells has helped the Cowboys over the years with players such as Michael Irvin, Adam “PacMan” Jones and most recently Josh Brent. Having Wells close to Bryant allowed the Cowboys to keep tabs on their star receiver who often found off the field trouble early in his career.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones declined to comment for this story.

Cutting tiesOn Feb. 18, New York based lawyer Jordan Siev working on behalf of Bryant sent Wells a termination letter. Two days later, Wells was sent another letter, obtained by The Dallas Morning News, demanding that he “cease and desist from engaging in any activities on behalf of Mr. Bryant in any way.”

The second letter also served as a notification to Wells that he relinquish his power of attorney over Bryant. Wells has maintained power of attorney for Bryant throughout his career, allowing Wells to open and manage some of Bryant’s bank accounts and enter into agreements or sign contracts on behalf of the receiver.

The Feb. 20 letter sent to Wells from Siev notified Wells that “any and all powers of attorney granted to you by Mr. Bryant have been revoked, rescinded and terminated in their entirety and effective immediately. Bryant’s representative for any purpose, involve yourself in any manner whatsoever with Mr. Bryant’s sponsorship and endorsement deals, collect any monies that Mr. Bryant may earn from cheap nba jerseys his sponsorship, promotional and endorsement activities and use Mr. Bryant’s name, or Dez I Enterprises, Inc., in connection with any existing business interests or future opportunities.”

Bryant delivered a cryptic tweet the same day the cease and desist letter was sent to Wells. No video ever surfaced. “It’s clear as day what’s going on. I might need to do an exclusive interview about my life these past 5 years since the world is destined to know. I used to let people take advantage of my life. Now that I’m no longer allowing that to happen it seems to be a problem. I’m not ashamed of none of my past incidents because that’s what made me who I am today.”

The Feb. 20 letter sent by Bryant’s attorney also demanded that Wells “immediately turn over to us any and all items belonging to Mr. Bryant in your possession.”

Wells said he never responded to the letters mailed to his home address and emailed to him. Roc Nation officials have never met with Wells, who said this week that he has a legal binding advisory contract with Bryant that runs through 2018.

“I’m weighing my options whether I want to file a tortious interference lawsuit against Roc Nation,” Wells said.

Tortious interference allows a claim for damages against a defendant who wrongfully interferes with a plaintiff’s contractual or business relationships.

Wells has strong ties to many of the most influential names in the Dallas criminal justice system, but he also has blemishes on his own rsum, including being sentenced to three years probation in 2008 for his part of an income tax evasion scheme that cost him his bail bonds license.

The Feb. 20 letter also notified Wells that “it has come to our attention that earlier this month you received, on Mr. Bryant’s behalf, a payment due and owing to Mr. Bryant from BioSteel Sports Supplements, Inc. We demand you immediately remit to us for the benefit of Mr. Bryant all monies that you have obtained from BioSteel (or any other person or entity) on Mr. Bryant’s behalf.”

The letter gave Wells a Feb. 23 deadline to remit the money allegedly owed to Bryant and “provide us with the requested materials, as well as written confirmation of your compliance with the demands set forth in this letter.”

However, BioSteel president and CEO John Celenza said he has no problems with Bryant or Wells and Bryant has been paid in full. Furthermore, the contract between Bryant and BioSteel calls for the money paid to Bryant to be deposited in an escrow account toward the purchase of a Bugatti, a French manufactured high performance sports car often priced in the millions.

“We’re good with Dez. We’re good with David,” Celenza said. “That’s between Dez, David and Roc Nation.”

Celenza and Bryant’s other endorsement companies including Nike’s popular Jordan Brand were notified in February via letters signed by Bryant that they are to now deal directly with Bryant’s new Roc Nation agent, Kimberly Miale, and no one else. Miale was not made available for comment for this story.

Others affectedWells, 52, isn’t the only person within Bryant’s inner circle who has been affected by the receiver’s change of plans this offseason.Articles Connexes:

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