Enterprise Architect Deployment





Enterprise Architect (EA) from Sparx System is a UML modelling tool. It has an extensive set of features that include:


Full support for all 13 UML 2.1 diagrams

Support for UML 2.1 profiles including:


OMG’s Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)
OMG’s Software Process Engineering Meatamodel (SPEM)


.rtf (MS Word) and HTML document generation

Free read only model viewer

Version control and management of model baselines

Generation and reverse engineering (round trip) of program source code

Support for a wide range of programming languages including:











Visual Basic


Ability to customise code generation templates


Support for OMG’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

Built in transformations for:



C# and NUnit




Java and JUnit



Ability to customise MDA transformation templates






Top 7 Secrets to Becoming an Irresistible Sales Communicator With Integrity and Power

Would you like to learn the secrets of the most influential, powerful people of all time? Attract more sales and negotiate more win/win outcomes? Become a masterful communicator and a magnet for endless referrals?

Despite what most books and seminars teach, successful selling is not a set of strategies, techniques wholesale nfl jerseys or tactics to get the prospect to buy. Rather it is a state of mind yours and your customer’s and set of behaviors that creates compelling win/win outcomes for everyone.

Regardless of title or job, every person is in the business of selling, whether it be products, services, projects, ideas or negotiations. These same top 7 principles apply for achieving cheap jerseys your Magnetic Edge and becoming an irresistible sales communicator with integrity, influence and power.

The Power of Emotional State Mastery

The biggest difference between a marginal vs. top achiever is their state of mind. Marginal performers let outside circumstances dictate their state; top performers know how to take charge of their emotional state with volition. State mastery is critical in sales, leadership, customer service and every other aspect of business.

What drives your state (and therefore your results) right now you or the world around you?

What state are you conveying to your prospects now fear, insecurity, aggression? Or confidence, enthusiasm, service oriented?

How do you need to change your physiology and/or thinking to adopt a high performance state?

The Power of Personal Congruence Integrity

Personal congruence is not a technique; rather the place “from which you come.” It’s that place where you have such deep rapport with yourself, that what you say comes powerfully from within and attracts others, even before a word is spoken. True authentic power comes from cheap jerseys personal congruency. It’s magnetic and you know when you are with someone who comes from that place.

What incongruent “parts” of yourself get in your way of owning your true personal power?

What are you saying or doing in marketing activities that is out of integrity with yourself and the values that are important to you?

Signing up a client or customer is not the end of the selling process, rather the beginning. Truly serving clients requires that we “deliver the goods” and create real value. The more competence you have, the more value you can deliver.

In what ways can you increase your competence to deliver more value to your clients or customers?

What hidden skills, capabilities or core competencies can you capitalize on for additional value and revenues?


The Power of Instant Rapport Trust

In NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), there is a saying, “Anything is possible in the presence of rapport; nothing is possible without it.” Rapport is not about getting people to like you. Rather it is the ability to “step inside their shoes” and see the world through their eyes. When you see the world through your prospect’s eyes, you build trust. Then, and only then, will a prospect buy from you.

If you were to “see the word through your prospect’s wholesale jerseys eyes,” how would you interact with them differently?

Do you know what it will take for your prospects and clients to trust you?

How do you know when you trust someone to buy from them? How can you use that information to build trust with your prospect?

The Power of Values Motivation Criteria

People buy emotionally, not logically. The secret is knowing how to uncover a prospect’s deepest desires, buying motivations and emotional criteria, and using that information to best serve them.Articles Connexes:

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